IBPSA- Mixed-Mode Office Building

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The aim of this project is to design and test a mixed mode ventilation strategy for an office building located in New Delhi, India. Using the provided weather file, the annual climatic data was analyzed and used for the formulation of a building strategy. The competition requires compliance with thermal comfort ranges i.e. 20.3 deg C to 26.7 deg C indoors and an assessment of air quality (CO2) when natural ventilation is used.
In addition, the proposed scheme must detail opening sizes, furniture layout and facade details. The design needs to demonstrate that all these features operate under the ventilation scheme while reducing the overall energy demand.

Chinatown Museum Of Modern Art

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Located in Chicago’s Ping Tom memorial Park, the proposed building is a center for the community to meet and have access to the modern arts and education. This museum includes art galleries, gift shop and cafe space, lecture hall, art studios, administrative offices, and a central Zen garden. As case studies, Buddhist Temples and Zen gardens have been studied, and their assets have been added to the design of this project. Zen garden as the major point of this project is the idealized landscape, surrounded by the galleries and helps the visitors relax and enjoy the art inside. Buddhist temple, as the symbol of contemplation with their strong geometry have been the other focus in this project.

Salt Lake Mediation Center


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Mediation center is a place where communication and problem solving happens in a more informal setting. This informality needs to be reflected in spaces, with variability in bringing open and closed spaces and different qualities of lighting. Mediation needs preparation. In this project there is a journey happening before, during and after the mediation process. People start a different experience the moment they walk into building and start getting more curious, and more relaxed.




Despecto Hotel


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Despecto means overlook. Designed as a luxurious hotel high above the valleys of monument valley,  Despecto hotel creates an exceptional experience of space and view toward the mesas and buttes of Tse Bii’ Ndzisgaii for the visitors. The poetic views toward the buttes and the sky and bringing nature inside and outside the project are the main concepts of this project.  In order to reach a monolithic appearance of concrete. The water used in the courtyard comes from the ground water that is provided by Oljato alluvial aquifer. In order to use the excessive solar energy available on the site, solar thermal panels are placed on the roofs of each unit, and use the stored water resource and heats it up for radiant floor and hot water use in units. Also, to use the prevailing winds coming from west, openings are placed on western walls toward the courtyard.



West Valley City Community Center


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This community center is designed to provide a unique cultural and social environment for the diverse community of West Valley City. To reach this diversity in both experience and design, different programs are proposed to put together in this center: library, lecture hall, art studios and at the central point the art galleries. The main lobby is designed as a translucent double-skin structure, using natural ventilation with operable openings on the north-end sides of the building.