Despecto Hotel


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Despecto means overlook. Designed as a luxurious hotel high above the valleys of monument valley,  Despecto hotel creates an exceptional experience of space and view toward the mesas and buttes of Tse Bii’ Ndzisgaii for the visitors. The poetic views toward the buttes and the sky and bringing nature inside and outside the project are the main concepts of this project.  In order to reach a monolithic appearance of concrete. The water used in the courtyard comes from the ground water that is provided by Oljato alluvial aquifer. In order to use the excessive solar energy available on the site, solar thermal panels are placed on the roofs of each unit, and use the stored water resource and heats it up for radiant floor and hot water use in units. Also, to use the prevailing winds coming from west, openings are placed on western walls toward the courtyard.



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