CoronaTown,USA is an immersive experience inspired by life in the US since the COVID-19 pandemic. In this VR experience, users find themselves in unfamiliar places that include representations of familiar objects, sounds and tragedy. 

This experience includes 3 scenes, which starts with social distancing challenges and tragic representation of not doing so. In the next step users enter a gallery where they are presented with “transgenics” bats, known as the first source of Coronavirus, inspired by Eduardo Kac’s Alba. The setting of the second exhibition is inside Marsyas, an installation by Anish Kappoor that was never viewed from inside, this time with the iconic green color of Alba. After the second exhibition, the users enter an infinite loop inside a snow globe space, surrounded by everyday objects and political tweets; everyday objects that can not be easily found anymore.

How to View This Project

To try this project your with your personal HMD such as Oculus Rift, and view videos of this project please follow this link:

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