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Gradients of Rigidity


©Adaptive Pneumatic Shading

This project explores the design of a hybrid structure that has the ability to adapt to its environment and help the user feel more comfortable in harsh climate conditions. The focus of this project is day time in high temperatures. In order to reach comfort, the idea of an adaptive shading device that controls the…
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©Catapult[Bi-Stable Chair]

  The design brief called for a ‘fuzzy’ object, one that demonstrates hybrid function as well as hybrid structure. Our aim was to create an object that at one moment would functions as one thing and would transform into something completely different. Rather than combining 2 objects simultaneously, we wanted to create an object that…
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©Heat Actuated Responsive Facade

Considering the high demand for more adaptable and reconfigurable structures, this research project focuses on the design and development of highly deformable materials/patterns(auxetics). These adaptive structures introduce the potential for highly active/deformable structures/objects that have the ability to respond to an external stimuli, structures that have multiple stages based on their adaptation mode( environment,…). Auxetics…
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