Alternate Earths


EnergyVR is a virtual reality energy analysis tool that uses EnergyPlus to help designers make informed design decisions on low-energy buildings. Users can analyze their design real-time based on changes made spatially or on different properties of the envelope, all in an immersive experience. The first prototype is based on a simplified model using the…
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Communication is essential, whether it’s through spoken language, text, or body language. For this project, our design goal was to make a wearable that bridges the gap between gestures and meaning, whether that’s for beneficial or sinister purposes.  Jester is a wearable that allows the wearer to communicate to other wearers through gestures such as…
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Optimized Connections: Hybrid Mutation Between Objects

This project explores the idea of creating cross-connections by blending between two scanned objects while taking into consideration their initial geometry. The selected items can be either related in terms of use or not, but they can be forgotten, reused objects that are viewed from a new perspective after connecting them. This method can open…
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