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Alternate Earths


EnergyVR is a virtual reality energy analysis tool that uses EnergyPlus to help designers make informed design decisions on low-energy buildings. Users can analyze their design real-time based on changes made spatially or on different properties of the envelope, all in an immersive experience. The first prototype is based on a simplified model using the…
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Anti-Wumai Mask

Although 3D scanning and 3D printing are major technological advances that have found widespread use in different fields of design and engineering, bridging both methods is less explored. We used this crossover as a novel process to explore and inform design. As a case study, we developed a workflow that involved a 3D scanner, then…
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This project explores the concept of personal transportation that can perform beyond an inanimate object. By equipping a skateboard with pressure sensors and a projector, we created a meaningful personal connection between skater and skateboard. Consider the skateboard your new companion — with needs and a life of its own.  Through these interactions, we were…
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Urban Hack: Combining 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

This research project explores the possibilities of 3D scanning in the realm of architectural design, and explores the use of the resulting data to inform design of 3d printed objects that will custom fit and interact with existing architectural spaces, and interact with users. The user has the opportunity to modify and 3D print these…
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Dubai Expo 2020 – Transsolar

Flatiron Plaza competition-Transsolar+Architensions

Radiant Forest is a pavilion that promotes interaction between people and encourages gathering in a comfortable environment. A composition of movable and stationary vertical slats partially skinned with a mirror film reflects visitors and passersby, highlighting the beautiful differences in our city across changing colors, seasons, days and nights. The forest invites visitors to follow…
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Uptown Exchange

©BikeOn Bumper- Gensler

In this project our goal was To create a physical barrier between the car and the bike that is installed on a street temporarily (weeks, months), then packed up, transported and then re-installed on other streets. This transformable element has the ability to move vertically in order to create a safe pathway for bikes throughout…
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Gradients of Rigidity